Androgyny In Late Ming And Early Qing Literature

Androgyny In Late Ming And Early Qing Literature


Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

Place Published: Honolulu

Date Published: 2008

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Binding: Hardcover

Edition: Later Printing

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Androgyny In Late Ming And Early Qing Literature

Author: Zuyan Zhou

First published 2003. 324 pages. The frequent appearance of androgyny in Ming and Qing literature has long interested scholars of  late imperial Chinese culture. A flourishing economy, widespread education, rising individualism, a prevailing hedonism – all these contributed to the gradual disintegration of gender roles in late Ming and early Qing China (1550-1750). The author looks at this important period and the concept of androgyny in Chinese fiction and drama.

Chapters include: Androgyny Defined; Androgyny in Chinese Philosophy; Gender Ambiguity in Late Ming and Early Qing Culture; The Plum in the Golden Vase: A Prelude to the Androgyny Craze; The Peony Pavilion: A Paen to the Androgynous Ideal; The Peach Blossom Fan: An Ambivalent Hymn to Political Androgyny; The Dream of the Red Chamber: A Shattered Dream of Androgyny; Notes, glossary and bibliography.

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