Masterworks of Ancient And Imperial China


Publisher: Christies

Place Published: New York

Date Published: 2008

Book Condition: Fine

Binding: Softcover

Edition: First

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Product Description

Masterworks of Ancient And Imperial China, Christie’s Sept 2008

205 pages, with 53 lots, each with multiple color illustration, many full-page, plus description.

Notable items include: An Important and Rare Bronze Ritual Wine Vessel Zun, Early Shang Dynasty, 14th-13th century BC; A Very Rare Zoomorphic Bronze Lamp, Yanzu Deng, Qin/Early Western Han Dynasty, Late 3rd Century BC; A Rare Grey Limestone Head of Buddha, Early Tang Dynasty, Early 8th Century,  Longmen Caves, Henan Province.

Softcover, in excellent condition. 10.5 by 8.25 inches.