Ellora Temple

Pedestal of the Chief Temple at Ellora


Antique Photogravure

Martin Hurlimann’s black and white photogravures of Indian landscapes, peoples, sculpture and  temples, were first published in 1928. A photogravure is a photographic image produced from an engraving plate, a method rarely used today because of its expense. Through the transfer of ink from an etched copperplate to special dampened paper, an image is created that registers an extraordinary variety of tones.  This unique tonal range comes from various depths of etching on the copper plate, the deeper the etch the darker it becomes when printed. The prints produced via this process, as were the illustrations in Hurlimann’s book, have an exceptional clarity, detail and depth.  Paper size: 12 by 8.5 inches. Image size: 10.25 by 7.25 inches.

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Product Description

Pedestal of the Chief Temple at Ellora

Publisher: Hurlimann

Place Published: Germany

Date Published: 1928

Book Condition: Fine

Binding: Paper

Edition: Original