Amorous Delight


Publisher: Artibus Asiae

Place Published: Switzerland

Date Published: 2006

Book Condition: Near Fine

Binding: Hardcover

Edition: First

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Product Description

The Amarushataka Palm Leaf Manuscript Illustrated by the Master of Sharanakula (Orissa, India)

Author: E. Fischer & d. Pathy

Supplementum 47. A monograpoh on a palm leaf manuscript from the Rietberg museum, Zurich. 256 pages with 261 colour and 39 black & white illustrations. Chapters include: The Amarushataka: Anthology of One Hundred Verses – The Illustrated Amarushataka Pothi from Sharanakula (Orissa) – Other Early Amarushataka Illustrations:  The Pothi by the Master of Baripada – The Illustrations by the Master of Sharanakula – The Oeuvre of the Master of Sharanakula – Part 2: The Illustrations and description, folios 1-50 (plus additional folios), Slokas 1-100.

Hardcover with jacket . Contents in excellent clean condition, very light wear to jacket, lower right corner lightly bumped. 12 by 9 inches.