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The Arts of India - Asia Fine Books

The Arts of India


Publisher: Philip Wilson

Place Published: London

Date Published: 2001

Book Condition: Brand New

Binding: Hardcover

Edition: First

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Product Description

The Arts of India: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Author: Joseph M. Dye III

599 pages with color frontispiece, black & white and color photo illustrations, map, glossary and bibliography. An extensive survey of Indian art based on the collection held in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts prepared by the curator, Joseph M. Dye III. Includes an illustrated introductory essay ‘Indian Religion and Art’ from Joseph M. Dye III, the Curator of South Asian and Islamic Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Grouped under 4 chapter headings, each with an introduction. Sculpture: Pre- and Protohistoric, Maurya, Kushan and Gupta periods, through the Kashmir region, Bihar, Bengal and Orissa; Central India, Rajasthan, and Gujarat; South indian and the Deccan. Painting: Early and Mughal; Painting in Rajasthan, Central India, the Punjab Hills; The Deccan and South India; Company, Folk and Village painting; Decorative Arts: Metalwork, Hardstones, Arms and Armor; Jewelry, Glass, Ivory and Mother-of -Pearl. Textiles: Silk and Wool with Woven Patterns; Cotton with Mordant-worked and Dyed patterns.


Individual catalogue entries provide an analysis of the historical, aesthetic, and cultural significance of each object together with documentation of its provenance, exhibition and publication history. Texts and inscriptions appearing on works of art are translated in the entries; transliterations and scientific and technical studies of selected works appear in appendices. There are 234 entries each with color photo illustration. “… This is among the best catalogues of an Indian collection that I know and will serve as an important research tool internationally.” Milo C. Beach. Director, Smithsonian Institution.

Hardcover with jacket, brand new and in perfect condition. 12 by 9 inches.