Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War From the Other Side.


Publisher: National Geographic.

Place published: Washington D.C.

Date published: 2002.

Book condition: Near Fine.

Binding: Hardcover.

Edition: First.

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Product Description

Author: Tim Page.

264 pages. Edited by Doug Niven and Chris Riley, with a foreword by Henry Allen. An excellent collection of images taken by North Vietnamese combat photographers together with their stories. The editors sought out surviving photographers from both the war against the French and then the Americans and discovered a collection of images created under the harshest of conditions and preserved against all odds. Tim Page, who photographed the Vietnam War for the Western Press, met the men who were his opposite numbers and listened to their stories, and in their recollections as much as in their photographs, we see a war utterly unlike the one we thought we knew. Intended above all to inspire, much more than mere propaganda, we see women and children clearing rubble, practicing militias, weary guerillas on the Ho Chi Minh trail, field hospitals and proud soldiers. “During the war ‘the other side’ was faceless. But now in these vivid photographs, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong emerge as flesh and blood, and seeing them as such contributes to our understanding of the tragic conflict.” Stanley Karnow.

Hardcover with jacket, text & illustrations in excellent clean condition, light wear to jacket.  11.25 by 10.25 inches.


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